Drs. Colleen Ganley & Chris Schatschneider

Drs. Colleen Ganley & Chris Schatschneider
Stem Field
Title of Research
Examining Teachers’ Math Anxiety, Math Instruction, and Student Math-Related Outcomes
Description of Research Area

We are conducting a large-scale study in which we examine how teachers’ anxiety about math relates to their instructional practices and their students’ math anxiety and performance. This is a collaborative project with both Colleen Ganley and Chris Schatschneider (Psychology) and with Rob Schoen (Learning Systems Institute). In this project, we are following approximately 4,000 K-3 students in multiple Florida districts over the course of two years. We are examining a number of student cognitive and affective outcomes so that we can explore their development and examine how that development is related to teacher math anxiety and other teacher characteristics (e.g., math knowledge for teaching, math learning beliefs). These additional student measures include math attitudes, math vocabulary, spatial skills, spatial anxiety, number line estimation, test anxiety, general anxiety, and growth mindset. We are also still considering additional variables to include, a process in which a postdoctoral researcher could be involved. In addition, a postdoctoral researcher would be involved in conducting classroom observations of math teaching, assisting with data management, conducting data analysis (using multilevel structural equation modeling), and disseminating research findings at conferences and in journal publications.

Special Research & Career Skills

Training would involve further development of research design and statistical skills, experience and training in conducting school-based research, and experience with writing both journal articles and grants.