2016 FSU Postdoctoral Symposium

Postdoctoral Fall Symposium, Poster Competition, and Awards Ceremony

September 23, 2016

The 4th Annual Postdoctoral Symposium and Poster Competition was held on Friday, September 23rd at the FSU College of Medicine Atrium.   This event was in celebration of the national postdoctoral awareness week and is a wonderful opportunity for you to meet your fellow postdoctoral colleagues!  A big thank you to all that came out to participate and compete in the 4th Annual Fall Postdoctoral Symposium and Poster Competition.  It was a wonderful event for all involved and a special thank you to our organizers, Fanny Caroline Liu (Chemistry) and Audrey Grockowiak (Magnet Lab).  Look for presentation slides in our archive at the OPDA website.  Here’s a quick link to photos from the event

Please share with your departments and friends! – decorate the websites across campus to increase the electronic presence of postdoctoral scholars at FSU. 

 If you have 5 minutes, here is a link to a feedback survey from the event.  As always, we welcome your suggestions in developing future postdoctoral programming.


There were judged awards in 5 different divisions ($100 award checks to the top presenters) including a People's Choice Award. We extend our congratulations to the following award winners! -

  • Tiglet Besara = 1st Place for Physical Sciences.  "Hardest Known Biocompatible Intermetallic Compounds:  B-Ti3AU"
  • Katherine Dale = 1st Place for Interdisciplinary Research.  "Mapping the Anatomy of Inspiration:  Identifying and Analyzing Elicitors of Self-transcendent Emotions in Media"
  • Payal Ghoshi = 1st Place for Life Sciences.  "Potential Effects of Deep Space Radiation on Vascular Function and Impact onAstronant Health"
  • Veronique Richard = People's Choice Award. "Effects of a Creativity Supportive Environment on Divergent Thinking and Performance in Athletics"

Slide Sets

Dr. Michael Blaber  (keynote address) - "How to be Your Own Boss:  Establishing a Startup or Research Laboratory"

Dr. Jonathan Adams  - FSU College of Communications and Information

Dr. Raghuram Dhumpa  - Innovatech Engineering

Dr. Wendy Plant  - Jim Moran School of Entrepreheurship

Dr. Ashkan Salamat  - Univeristy Las Vegas Department of Physics and Astronomy

Additional Media