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The Florida State University is ranked by the Carnegie Foundation in the prestigious doctoral research extensive category, its highest category for a graduate-research university. Our nearly 300 postdoctoral researchers, therefore, have unprecedented opportunities to explore science, technology, mathematics and other academic fields.Postdoctoral education plays an important role in the research enterprise of The Florida State University. Postdoctoral appointments provide recent Ph.D. recipients with mentored research and/or scholarly training for the purpose of acquiring the professional skills needed to pursue a career path of his or her choosing.

Part of The Florida State University's Graduate School, the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs serves as a central resource and information conduit for all postdoctoral researchers as well as faculty and staff who work with postdoctoral researchers at FSU.

Activities of the Postdoctoral Affairs Office include:

  • Serves as an information repository and liaison among postdocs, faculty, administrators, and external organizations
  • Provides professional and career development programming and resources for postdocs
  • Facilitates community building and networking events
  • Advocates for postdoc inclusion in the activities of other campus organizations
  • Undertakes initiatives to increase visibility of postdocs
  • Advocates for resources and policies that enhance postdoctoral training
  • The creation and maintenance of this website

We hope to be both a starting point for identifying resources available to you as well as a resource during your postdoctoral training, ensuring that your tenure at FSU is as rewarding and productive as possible.

Follow the links at the top for information about upcoming events, funding resources, career development opportunities and more. Still have questions? Contact the Postdoctoral Affairs Office. We are here for you!




Our Postdoc Success Rate

99% of our Postdoctoral Scholars in the last 2 years obtained jobs commensurate with their fields following their training.

In 2016, our postdoctoral scholars published a total of 230 manuscripts during their training time or an average of 3.0 papers or creative works per scholar.  In 2017, our postdoctoral scholars published 224 manuscripts during their training time or an average of 2.7 papers or creative works per scholar.  The mean training period is currently 2.2 years, dependent upon field of specialty. 

A majority of our postdoctoral scholars (97%) are supported by extramural awards and contracts from their advisor's or private foundations.  Eighteen percent (2016) to 16% (2017) of our scholars applied for independent funding.  Between 9% (2016) and 6% (2017) were successful in acquiring independent awards to support their stipends and creative efforts.

Where our Postdoctoral Scholars got jobs in 2017

Where our Postdoctoral Scholars got jobs in 2018

Biofront Techology

General Atomics

Janelia Farms Howard Hughes Medical Institute

State Power Grid Electrical Power Institute

Dropel Fabrics

Thermo-Fisher Scientific

OGE Energy Corp

Apex Analytical

Dow Chemical Company

Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia)

Agilent Techologies

Three-Shape Software Engineering

IBM Watson Research Center

Seoul National University

Northup Grumman

Florida State University

National High Field Magnetic Laboratory

National High Field Magnetic Laboratory


Institute for Basic Science South Korea

Janis Research Company

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

Michigan State University

Nagoya University (Japan)

University of Illinois-Campaign

Clarkston University

University of Maryland

Humboldt State University

Florida State University

University of Alabama Huntsville

La Brea Tar Pits and Museum at UCLA

Tallahassee Community College

Missouri State University

University of Washington

Carelton College

University of Minnesota

Marist College

College of Charleston

Dalton State College

HS Bund (Berlin, Germany)

University of Georgia

Durham University

University of Washington

New Mexico State University

University of Wyoming

Middlebury College Vermont

University of Hawaii

University of Georgia

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

Jacksonville University

New Mexico State University

Flagler College Saint Augustine

Wuhan National High Magnetic Field Center

Chapman College

Pensacola State College

Monash University

Simon Fraser University

University of Cincinnati

Sungkyunkwan University (Korea)

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Earlham College





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