Postdoctoral Success Rate

99% of our Postdoctoral Scholars in the last 2 years obtained jobs commensurate with their fields following their training.

In 2016, our postdoctoral scholars published a total of 230 manuscripts during their training time or an average of 3.0 papers or creative works per scholar.  In 2017, our postdoctoral scholars published 224 manuscripts during their training time or an average of 2.7 papers or creative works per scholar.  The mean training period is currently 2.2 years, dependent upon field of specialty. 

A majority of our postdoctoral scholars (97%) are supported by extramural awards and contracts from their advisor's or private foundations.  Eighteen percent (2016) to 16% (2017) of our scholars applied for independent funding.  Between 9% (2016) and 6% (2017) were successful in acquiring independent awards to support their stipends and creative efforts.

Where our Postdoctoral Scholars got permanent jobs in 2021

Where our Postdoctoral Scholars got permanent jobs in 2018

Boehringer Ingelheim

General Atomics

Molecular Sciences Software Institute

State Power Grid Electrical Power Institute

Mofitt Cancer Institute

Thermo-Fisher Scientific

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Apex Analytical

United States Environmental Protection Agency

Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia)

Allen Institute for Cell Science

Three-Shape Software Engineering

Institute for the US Department of Defense

Seoul National University

Pabst Patent Group, LLP

Florida State University

National High Field Magnetic Laboratory

National High Field Magnetic Laboratory


Institute for Basic Science South Korea

NIH National Cancer Institute

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

NIH National Institute for Advancing Translational Medicine

Nagoya University (Japan)

In Silichrome

Clarkston University

JOEL USA Electron Microscopy Company

Humboldt State University

Florida State University

University of Alabama Huntsville


Tallahassee Community College

GSK, Glaxo Smith Kline

University of Washington

University of Munster

University of Minnesota

University College London (UCL)

College of Charleston

University of Texas at Austin

HS Bund (Berlin, Germany)

Warwick Medical School (UK)

Durham University

University of Memphis

New Mexico State University

Presbyterian College

Middlebury College Vermont

Center for High Pressure and Science & Technology Advanced Research

University of Georgia

University of Cinncinnati

Jacksonville University

Indian Institute of Technology

Flagler College Saint Augustine

Bennington College

Chapman College

University of Missouri

Monash University

University of Puerto Rico

University of Cincinnati

University of Toronto

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Lake Superior State University


University of Minnesota


Utah State University


High Magnetic Field Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Science