Dr. Greg Hajcak

Dr. Greg Hajcak
Stem Field
Title of Research
Neural biomarkers of risk for psychopathology
Description of Research Area

Our work focuses on the intersection between neuroscience and psychopathology – how the brain can be used to study individual differences. The major thrust of my current research program is on prediction and modification: To what degree can neuroscience and psychophysiology predict changes in symptoms over time? Can neural measures of risk be modified? Does modifying these measures matter? We're currently working on a range of projects--and many focus on neural measures of reward, as reflected in event-related brain potentials and functional magnetic resonance imaging. We are interested in how pubertal development and hormones impact reward sensitivity, especially in relation to individual differences in depression and depressive symptoms. We are also examining reward-related neural activity in relation to postpartum depression, alcohol consumption, and eating disorders. Some of our projects examine whether neural activity can be altered by computer-based cognitive training, and we are examining similar questions related to brain stimulation.

Special Research & Career Skills

I’ve been effective in guiding trainees to write their own research and training grants (i.e., I’ve been the primary or co-mentor for more than 10 NIMH grants at the pre- and post-doctoral level), and I would help the new postdoc work toward writing their own training (F32) or career (K) award grants.