Dr. Stephen Hill

Dr. Stephen Hill
Stem Field
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
Title of Research
Development and Application of Unique High-Field Magnetic Resonance Techniques
Description of Research Area

A broad range of opportunities exist for postdoctoral researchers in the Hill group, including the development of cutting-edge high-field magnetic resonance techniques, and applications of these methodologies in diverse research fields spanning from biophysics and biochemistry, to inorganic and materials chemistry, all the way to condensed matter physics. The Hill lab is based at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at Florida State University, which is the world’s premier facility for research in high magnetic fields. As such, the group is currently working on the development of: very high-field/frequency (>30 Tesla and up to 1 THz), high-resolution Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) capabilities; high-power, broadband (~1 kW & 1 GHz bandwidth) pulsed EPR hardware operating at uniquely high frequencies (95 GHz and above), including integration of arbitrary waveform excitation; high-pressure (up to 3 GPa) single-crystal EPR methodologies; and instrumentation for Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) enhanced Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) in solids and solutions at record high magnetic fields (14.1 Tesla). Importantly, the group has made its reputation by publishing extensively using these unique methods in the following research fields: molecular nanomagnetism, including the development of single-molecule magnets and molecular spin qubits; low-dimensional and frustrated magnetism; organic magnets, conductors and superconductors; magnetochemistry and coordination chemistry. The most recent thrusts within the group include fundamental studies of the Overhauser DNP NMR enhancement mechanism in organic solutions, the characterization/optimization of DNP enhancement agents (including radicals and lanthanides), and the application of pulsed high-field EPR to biophysical problems.

Special Research & Career Skills

While it is anticipated that postdoctoral applicants would have experience in one or more of the above research topics, training could be provided in any of the other areas, as needed or requested. Training in grant writing, preparation of research articles/reports, and presentation skills would also be provided.