Upcoming Events

New Postdoc Wecome - Monday, June 27, 2022

Required Orientation/Welcome for New Postdoctoral Scholars
Honors, Scholars, and Fellows (HSF) Building, 12 pm to 1:15 pm - Room 309

Registration NOW OPEN (until June 24th)

This is a ~one hour, noontime welcome session for new postdoctoral scholars that will allow you to get onboarded with your benefits (health insurance, retirement, and state employee perks) while introducing you to the Director of the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs and the Postdoctoral Officers of the Postdoctoral Association.  You will also learn about special opportunities to apply for grants workshops and professional development/travel awards through FSU.  We have two major events each year organized jointly by the OPDA and PDA - so it is also your opportunity to network across campus with your fellow scholars.

Spring Event - Friday, May 6, 2022

Planning your Career after your postdoc - academic and non-academic paths
Hybrid and group viewing/participation at the honors, scholars, and Fellows (HSF) building, 1 to 5 pm
followed by reception and dinner

Registration NOW OPEN (until May 1st)

Zoom Link for the Afternoon

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs and the Postdoctoral Association (PDA) have joined forces to bring you the Spring Event!  Please see this website designed by the PDA for full Speaker lineup and event agenda.  Dr. Chris Smith from Virginia Tech will lead with a keynote address on how to transition between academic and non-academic positions.  Then our own Dr. Ken Hanson will tell us about his journey on the academic job market (check out his terrific blog!!).  Finally Dr. Tracy Costello, a career coach from the University of South Florida, will address how to transition from academia to non-academic positions.  The afternoon will have two full panels (academic vs. non-academic experts) composed of largely FSU Postdoctoral Scholar Alumni!  There will be good break out groups for focused discussion and networking.  After the event, we will have community engagement with fellow postdocs, advisors, faculty, research mates, and family with a dinner and chance to bring your favorite dessert to share.

For questions regarding the event, please contact Nuria or Luna organizing chairs.

Parental Leave Survey - We want your input!

The PDA and OPDA invite faculty and postdocs to follow a survey 



A literature review conducted in 2017 found that paid parental leave was associated with improved infant and maternal health outcomes (Heymann et al., 2017). In 2018, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that 17% of all civilian workers had access to paid family leave, and 89% had access to unpaid family leave (inclusive of maternity and paternity leave, adoption leave and caring for a sick relative) (Statistics, 2019). Under federal law, postdoc fathers and/or mothers who have worked at FSU for at least 12 months have the right to 12 weeks of unpaid leave in accordance with the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Currently, tenure-track faculty at FSU have access to 16 weeks of paid parental leave. However, there is currently no paid parental leave policy in place for FSU postdocs.  

We are interested in learning more about the thoughts and opinions of faculty members regarding a proposal for paid parental leave for postdocs. Please answer several questions to allow us to better understand the opinions of faculty.  Your answers will help us in formulating a proposal for postdoctoral parental leave tailored to the needs of our institution.  We will share the results of the survey with the Postdoc Advisory Board that governs postdoctoral scholars at FSU.

Please note that this survey is anonymous and you will not be able to be identified.

This survey should take approximately 5 minutes of your time.

Thank you!

Shannon Montgomery, PDA President


Heymann, J. et al. (2017) ‘Paid parental leave and family wellbeing in the sustainable development era’, Public Health Reviews, 38(1), p. 21. doi: 10.1186/s40985-017-0067-2.

Statistics, U. S. B. of L. (2019) Access to paid and unpaid family leave in 2018. Available at: https://www.bls.gov/opub/ted/2019/access-to-paid-and-unpaid-family-leave-in-2018.htm (Accessed: 24 March 2021).

Diversity and Inclusion Survey

The PDA and OPDA invite you to follow a survey Posted HERE

Diversity and Inclusion is of utmost importance to the FSU Postdoctoral Association (PDA).  Our survey (5-8 minutes completion time) will help us assess and report on the diversity and inclusion of the postdoc population at FSU.  Only the FSU PDA and Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPDA) will have access to the data, which will be secure and anonymous. To protect the privacy of all postdocs, the survey responses will be anonymized and collated with the responses of all other FSU postdocs, so that no individual's responses will be tabulated.

We hope the data will guide us to enhance the diversity and inclusion of FSU postdocs!

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